Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A New Publication to Fall in Love With

As a former journalist and current educator, two of my favorite things are magazines and education. And if I find a combination of the two, what could be better than that? Well, you also must know that I tend toward the OCD side, so organization is also on top of my list. I have found something that meets all these criteria, is brand new, and is written and published by none other than the fabulous Charity Preston of The Organized Classroom Blog.

Taa daa!!!! Meet The Organized Classroom Magazine:

And the first issue is 100%, no-strings-attached FREE! Oh, be still my beating heart! And that first free issue is all about Taming the Paper Monster. I mean, who doesn't have one of those? Just click on the link to download your free copy. And if you decide to subscribe, it's only $24 for a year of monthly issues just as helpful, beautiful, and informational as this one.

This will definitely be on my monthly must-read list from now on. Now... do you think she might let me write an article for it... hee hee

Friday, February 1, 2013

Super Sale!

While everyone else is obsessed with the big game on Sunday, Teachers Pay Teachers is having another site-wide sale. So go long and enter the code SUPER to save on any and all products. Plus most sellers, including me will have their entire stores for an additional 20% off. That's up to 28% off all day Sunday. Touchdown!

Check my store for sub plans, monthly writing packets, and more!
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