Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sale! Sale! Sale! Sale!

If you are anything like me at all, you can't resist a good deal. Come on, fess up. I know a ton of you went Black Friday shopping. Unfortunately, I didn't get to this year. Here's a way for you to get all the lessons, curriculum, activities, forms, etc. you need for your classroom from the comfort of your own home... and at a HUGE savings. It's the Cyber Monday (plus Tuesday) sale on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Nearly all the sellers (including those big names that make you get the stars in your eyes) will be offering 20% off in addition to the site-wide 10% discount code of CMT12. That makes 28% off at most TpT stores! I know, the math doesn't make sense on the surface, but trust me, it works out to 28% off.

I will be busy filling my wishlist today with items from some of my favorite fourth grade sellers like Jennifer Runde, Shelley Gray, Meghan Farley, and Ashleigh Swinford. I know I am on the lookout in particular for anything that will help my fourth graders with math problem solving, but there are so many fabulous things there to buy.

And while you are shopping, don't forget to stop by my store and stock up on items perfect for subs and teachers alike. Check out my Just Add Paper Emergency Sub Plans ( for K-5), CCSS Aligned Emergency Sub Plans (for K-4), Monthly Writing Packets (for Aug.-Nov.), and Down with Downtime (for math, language arts, and reading).

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