Thursday, September 22, 2011

Antonym Charades

Need a new, fun way to learn about antonyms and get those kinesthetic learners on their feet? Try antonym charades. I used it today with my third graders with a good deal of success. All it took to prepare was writing some words like first, take, sitting, raise, etc. on scraps of paper. I folded them and put them in a cup. Next I chose two students (I used my stick drawing system to randomly pick them). The students came up and drew a word from the cup. One student pantomimed the word until the class guessed it. And then the other student pantomimed the antonym. I recorded the results on chart paper. We continued until all the words and their antonyms had been pantomimed. It was great fun, and we created a whole list of words with their antonyms.


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