Monday, December 31, 2012

Pinky Swear! I Will Blog at Least Twice a Month

I am putting this in writing, so that you all can hold me accountable. 

I resolve to...
blog on Sub Hub at least twice a month... Pinky swear!

I thought a lot about this resolution. Since getting my own classroom in September, I had every intention of continuing Sub Hub. But that just didn't happen. I'm sure everyone who has undergone or is undergoing a first year of teaching completely understands what I just wrote. Although, honestly it's not terribly different from what I was doing long-term subbing. It just doesn't come to an end... which is wonderful in so many ways, but not so hot for the personal, outside-of-teaching life.

I do think I am at a point where I can certainly commit to twice a month of subbing advice, however. I definitely miss being able to share pointers, tips, advice, anything that may help your days of subbing or preparing for a sub a little easier. And now I feel like I can much better give advice from both sides.

I have a list of ideas to blog about, but I am always open to hearing from you. If there is a particular issue you are having, just email me or post on my Facebook page, and I will try to address it. I know one of the biggies is making sure you have activities to do. An idle student is a problem student, so don't let them become idle. Always have something for them to do.

If you are new to Sub Hub, you may not know that I have some freebies and products to help with just that. Click on the Emergency Lesson Plans tab above to get links to all my free sets of sub plans. Grades K-5 are currently available with the exception of fourth grade. Unfortunately, I discovered that Dr. Seuss has stricter copyright rules than most, and had to take down my lesson plans based on The Lorax. I am working on another free set of fourth grade plans on the top of my to-do list.

Also available are additional sets of one-day plans. There are two lines of those plans... Just Add Paper and CCSS-aligned plans. And there is a line called Down with Downtime with subject-specific filler activities so students never are left to their own devices again.

The Just Add Paper plans for grades K-5 are for those true emergencies, when you don't even have time or access to make copies of reproducibles. They incorporate foldables, graphic organizers, and other hands-on activities that only need paper to complete. All you need for those is paper and a picture book of your choice to read-aloud and base some of the activities on.

The CCSS-aligned plans for grades K-4 are one-day plans based on a picture book and aligned with the Common Core. Each lesson states which learning objective it addresses so even emergency sub days can be CCSS-focused.

If you have some of these plans and activities in your bag of tricks or your emergency sub folder, you will always have something on hand to keep students busy in a meaningful way.

And I mean it about holding me to my blogging resolution. It takes a support system to help you keep those buggers, so I need your help. Please, if you haven't heard from me in a couple of weeks, start bugging me! Message me, email me, spam me... whatever it takes. This is one resolution I WILL be keeping!

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