Friday, April 6, 2012

Are You Qualified to Fill in for the Easter Bunny?

During this time of year, there just doesn't seem to be much extra time for fun things. So when persuasive writing was the next writing unit that came up right around Easter with my current second-graders, I started looking around on Pinterest (where else?). And I was not disappointed. I found this fabulous Easter Bunny application posted by Welcome to Room 36.

When it was time for writing, I got the students settled down and ready to listen. Then I launched into my speech:

"Boys and girls, I have some really bad news. [It was dead silent in the room] I got a call from the Easter Bunny. He is really sick and will not be able to deliver all the eggs and Easter baskets on Sunday. [A few gasps of surprise mixed with a few mumblings of 'did he really call you.'] But, he did say he was looking for a replacement to substitute for him on Sunday... he needs a Substitute Bunny. So, you need to fill out this job application and draw a picture to go with it. And remember, you are trying to persuade, or convince, him that you are the best kid for the job."

Whether they bought it or not, I don't really know. But the whole class LOVED the assignment and got to work immediately. Even my student with special needs who always refuses to write, was trying this one. And I was so impressed with some of their responses. I mentioned that they should think about what qualities the Easter Bunny has, and the students were writing things like, "I will make a good Easter Bunny because I am caring and generous. I am also fast." Many were tying in the Pillars of Character... it was wonderful!

My favorite parts? Seeing them excited about writing something was for sure number one for me. And also hearing some of their conversations as I was walking around the room. The best one was, "Of course, Santa is real. But a bunny? How does he go all around the world?" The whole experience just brought a smile to my face and warmed my heart. I will definitely do this activity again next year!

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