Sunday, May 5, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week is Here! And I Appreciate the Subs Too!

Here in the U.S., this week is celebrated as Teacher Appreciation Week. If you ask me, the best thank you's come from the students themselves. It's those precious drawings, notes, and hugs that come from the little lives you touch everyday. Those are the items I save year after year. Those are the things I pull out after a hard day and that give me the motivation to push through the challenges.

But other tokens certainly don't hurt either. Ha!

At my school, the administration has planned a week of little freedoms and yummies to make our teachers feel appreciated. First, we get to wear jeans all week (YAY!). Two days this week, lunch will be provided for all teachers and stuff... one day by our hospitality committee and the other by the PTA. One day we get to wear flip flops (again, YAY!). And there are suggested ways for students to dress, such as animal prints to show "they are WILD about their teachers."

As a former substitute teacher, I know that subs are often left out of these celebrations. Some campuses I was on graciously included me in all their festivities, while others did not. However, I want all you substitutes to know that I APPRECIATE YOU!!!! Yes, I am yelling it from the rooftops. I am especially thankful for all of you subs who read my blog and other blogs... those of you who see yourselves as the vital professionals you are and not babysitters... those of you who bother to carry a bag of tricks and have back-up lessons and activities just in case. It is because of subs like you that classrooms can run smoothly when teachers have to be out.

My biggest hope for you is that you think of yourselves as a teacher and that others see you that way as well. I know that doesn't always happen. I was once asked by a parent if I was "a real teacher." I reluctantly shied away from the obnoxious, snarky reply I wanted to make and calmly told her that yes, I was a certified teacher and had plenty of classroom experience.

Other people agree with me it seems. I found this wonderful guest post by Somewhat Simple on Skip To My Lou on some ideas for Substitute Teacher Appreciation gifts. Look at how cute these are!

Some of you may already be aware from reading other blogs and following others on Facebook or even remember from last year, but Teachers Pay Teachers will be having a Teacher Appreciation sale. May 7-8, just use check-out code TAD13 to get 10% off your Teachers Pay Teachers Purchases.

And to show you, the hard-working and much-loved substitute teacher, that you are also appreciated, my store (along with many others, including all the top sellers) will be throwing an additional sale on those days as well. You will get 28% on every item in my store, including Just Add Paper substitute plans, CCSS Emergency Substitute Teaching Plans, and Down with Downtime time filler activity ideas.

So, start making that wish list and get ready to check-out on May 7 and 8 to take advantage of the savings!


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