Saturday, August 27, 2011

Caught Being Good... Even When a Sub Is There

One thing I feel is extremely important in classroom management is positive reinforcement. Students know you will say things to them when they are not making good choices, but many are surprised when you point out the good ones too. Particularly the challenging behavior kiddos tend to respond very well to positive attention.

And many teachers and parents alike are especially pleased to hear that their student/child was good for a sub.

One thing I like to do is leave a "Caught Being Good" note for the teacher and the parent. This one I have created is like a receipt system. The larger section on the right goes home to the parent, and the smaller section on the left is for the teacher. And it's easy to fill out. I kept it simple, with only the student's name, date, and lines for what they did that was awesome.

Students, teachers, and parents will all be thrilled you took the time to notice the good.


  1. Hi Rachel
    Cute idea. I also had a bag of tricks when I was subbing. I turned it into a tip sheet your readers might be interested in. You can find it on my website. Here's the link for the substitute tips:

    1. Wow Diane - this was wonderful! Thanks for being generous and sharing!


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