Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tales from the Sub Side: The Mind-Reading Sub

I wanted to share some crazy and funny stories that have happened to me over my years of subbing and thought Wednesday was a good day for that since I always need a little pick-me-up mid week. Enjoy the first posting of “Tales from the Sub Side.”

I arrived one morning outside the fifth grade classroom where I was going to be subbing to find one female student sitting in the hall where students wait before the bell rings. I smiled, said good morning, and went into the room to prepare for my day.

As I was going through the lesson plans, I could hear more students arriving in the hall. Then I hear, “We have a weird sub today! I mean weird! She smiles a lot!”

Chuckling to myself, there was no way I could let this one go. I slowly opened the door, poked my head, looked at the girl with a stern face, and said, “Weird sub, huh?” And shut the door. Then I listened for the reaction.

It was quiet for second, and then I hear, “Be careful what you think! This sub reads minds!”


  1. Cute!

    I have tons of sub stories. One of my favorites was when a kiddo asked me about using the word ginormous in his story. Another student said that it wasn't a real word, but I told them it was just added to the dictionary, I had seen a report on the news. The kid writing said, "See I told you so!" And the other kid asked me how I knew that. The kid writing butted in "Because she's a teacher, she knows everything!"

    One other funny time was a kid was goofing off and told me in Spanish that he loved me. I replied back that it was not appropriate for him to say that and it shocked the class because they didn't think I understood. Let's just say that the rest of the day they spoke in English lol.

    I have tons more but will save it for another time lol. :)

  2. Very good one. Enjoyed it. Ha-ha. Thanks for sharing.


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