Monday, October 31, 2011

Scary Stories for Halloween

With today being Halloween, my students and I celebrated by reading their scary stories. They had been writing the stories for a little over a week, and used a shortened version of the writing process. They began by using my Scary Story Map. They then went from the story map to their rough draft. I had them proof and edit their own story, and then they traded and had a buddy proof and edit it. We went from there to their final copy which they wrote on notebook paper, glued to black construction paper, and drew a picture in white crayon.

Today, they all got a turn to share. I turned out most of the lights and gave the author a flashlight... and the fun began! I was so proud of all their stories. While they all have plenty to work on, every single student wrote a cohesive story, even my low ones. It was great! And the students really had a spooky good time. Here are a few photos.

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