Friday, October 7, 2011

Seeing Things from Another Perspective

One of my favorite higher order thinking skills to work on is seeing things from another perspective. I got this idea from my children's gifted and talented teacher Wendy Brake, and I adapted it for use in a regular classroom. Before the first perspective activity we do, I have students make "perspectacles." When worn, these glasses allow students to see an event from someone else's perspective.

I give each student five chenille sticks, two for the eyes and two for the ear pieces and one to cut up for decoration. The student then twist them together to form a pair of glasses, using extra pieces to decorate. I've had students add eyelashes, a moustache, and all sorts of details. It's fun to see their creativity and personality come through.

The perspectacles live in the students' cubbies throughout the year, and every time we do a lesson or activity using perspective, the students are allowed to wear their glasses. The students ask me almost every day if we will be doing something with perspective because they just love to wear the glasses.

1 comment:

  1. I recognize that cutie! I bet he is writing from the perspective of a dinosaur. :)
    Love the idea! Thanks for sharing!


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