Saturday, November 5, 2011

Support for a Friend and Others

I have a list in my mind of the worst things anyone can ever hear. At the top of that list is: "You have cancer." Sadly, a blogging friend of mine has now heard those words twice! And she's only 33! And she does all the right things! It's the kind of situation that fuels my anxiety over little things. I always wonder, "What if it's not really little?" The good news is that this friend, Mandy at Cooperative Learning 365, has the perfect attitude. She's ready to "cowboy up" as we say here in Texas and fight this thing a second time. And I know she will do it. To raise awareness, Mandy is having a linky party at her blog, and I joined to show my support for her, and others I know fighting cancer. I show my support by posting this ribbon on my blog. How can you add your support?


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