Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Measuring Scavenger Hunt

If you want a fun activity to practice measuring length, then this measuring scavenger hunt is for you. You can also find a short description of the activity (minus the free printable download) in the March 2012 issue of the Really Good Stuff newsletter. I do this activity after covering measuring length, and making sure students know how to use tools with standard and nonstandard units to measure the length of items. To go along with the activity, I created a free printable download in both nonstandard units of craft sticks and standard units of inches and feet. When I have used this activity in the classroom, I had students work in pairs to complete the scavenger hunt. Then we came back together as a class and shared some of their answers. We talk about what they found easy and what was challenging for them (for example, many students will find it difficult to measure something that is longer than their measuring tool). It's fun to see the things students to measure and see their different answers. And the students get plenty of measuring practice.

And if you are looking for more measurement freebies, check out this Measurement Mania Freebie Collection. Just click on each picture to take you to a different blog to collect a whole slew of freebies!


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