Thursday, February 2, 2012

Down with Downtime! K-5 Reading and Language Arts Available Now

Some of you have already discovered Down with Downtime: K-5 Reading has been available in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store for about a week even though I never blogged about it. And now Down with Downtime: K-5 Language Arts is also ready so I thought I'd let you know about both. Like Down with Downtime: K-5 Math, these two packets are for those minutes after a lesson is finished, but it's not time for the next activity. All Down with Downtimes are based on the Common Core State Standards and incorporate as many Higher Order Thinking Skills as possible. Remember, they are good for grades K-5, although not every activity will be appropriate for every grade level. You must use your discretion in choosing the right time filler.

There are free samples for both as well. Either download the preview for each at Teachers Pay Teachers or get them by clicking here:
FREE Down with Downtime: K-5 Reading Sample

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