Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Down with Downtime! K-5 Math Now Released

You finished the lesson plans, but there’s still 10-15 minutes left before the next activity. Now what? Downtime is the enemy of teachers everywhere. However, my new line of Down with Downtime Last Minute Lesson Savers has you covered. 

Down with Downtime is a new line of activities broken down by topic based on the Common Core State Standards, but not grade level. Most of the activities can be modified to fit any grade level K-5, so use your judgement for what is appropriate for your students. And many of them focus on Higher Order Thinking Skills.

In no way is Down with Downtime intended to be an exhaustive list of activities. My hope is that you can find something useful when you need it. And that the activities can inspire you to create some of your own. This is why I have left blanks at the end of each section.

Down with Downtime: K-5 Math is the first Down with Downtime file I created. I plan on releasing ones for Reading, Language Arts, and Science/Social Studies as well. You can also access a free sample of Down with Downtime: K-5 Math here.

Used in conjunction with lesson plans, whether they are my free Emergency Lesson Plans, Just Add Paper plans, or the classroom teacher’s curriculum plans, these activities will prepare you to handle any classroom downtime and turn you into Super Sub.

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic, practical ideas Rachel for downtime even for a classroom teacher who has a few minutes to spare because a lesson went quicker than planned!


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