Friday, January 6, 2012

Mystery Walker Hallway Game

There is more classroom management information coming, but a couple of you mentioned on the Facebook wall about having trouble with students being quiet in the hall. I wanted to share one solution I sometimes use, especially for really loud classes. It's called the Mystery Walker. Here's how it works:

• Before leaving the classroom, I state the expectations (standing in line quietly and with hands to yourself) and how to play the game (that follows).
• Secretly choose one (or possibly more) students to be the Mystery Walker(s). I use popsicle sticks if the class uses them, otherwise I just have a couple of students in mind. The key here is "secret." You don't say who the students are, hence the mystery part.
• Line the students up, start walking, and watch behavior. Make sure you look like you are watching everyone, but you are especially watching the mystery walker(s).
• When you reach your destination (or get back to the classroom), you announce who the Mystery Walker was and if they met the expectations or not. If they did, I let them choose from my treasure box (or they can earn some other reward of your choice). If they did not meet expectations, I say, "The Mystery Walker didn't follow the rules. They need to try harder next time." Be careful to make sure the Mystery Walker earned the prize before rewarding it, or you will lose your credibility with the students.
• Another thing I do is to occasionally remind students as they are walking that I am looking to make sure the Mystery Walker is meeting expectations. That usually straightens everyone up.

I hope this gives you another strategy to use.


  1. I am a second grade teacher and we play this game often. However, if the mystery walker doesn't earn the reward, I don't reveal who it was. I let the students know I will watch the same mystery walker again next time. This is especially useful if several students were talking in line. It seems to improve things next time.

  2. Good idea! I have done that before too. It does avoid the embarrassment of being singled out for not getting a prize. Thanks for reminding us! :-)

  3. Fantastic idea Rachel! I think this might be the trick that works, especially with the younger ones! Brian

  4. Like - particularly with the modification that Anonymous added.

  5. Great idea!!!This works if you are a sub as well!!

  6. Great idea! Can't wait to use it next week with my class :)

    Twins, Teaching and Tacos.

  7. I love Mystery Walker game... and they don't even know I just choose someone....

    I do the same when it's time to clean up the floor. Then I have a piece of Mystery Trash and whoever picks it up WINS.


  8. I do the Mystery Trash too, Jeannie. And I don't say the winner has found it until the room is clean. sneaky sneaky :-)

  9. Hi Rachel,

    I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a blog award. Check out my blog for the details! Thank you for being such an inspiration! Happy blogging! :-)



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