Thursday, January 19, 2012

Love Is in the Air Valentine Freebie

I know. I know. It's a little early, but I am a planner. Ask anyone who knows me. So, I wrote up one of my favorite Valentine's Day activities and created some free printable cards for your students to use. This activity is based on this book, and the photo is an Amazon link if you don't have the book:

I start off by reading the book, which students love (Hello... it has stinky feet in the title!) and also has a great message of kindness and friendship. Also throughout the book are poems based on the "roses are red; violets are blue" pattern. We discuss all this, and then I challenge the students to write their own poems. They can write rough drafts, edit them, and print the final versions on the free reproducible cards I made. Be sure to print those front and back so students just have to cut on the gray lines to make four cards out of one sheet of paper. I also recommend copying them on card stock so they end up a little sturdier. I have the whole activity for Write Your Own Valentine Poems available here.


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