Sunday, July 29, 2012

We All Fit Together

As it gets closer to back to school (some of you may even have started already), all teachers must keep in mind how to create a caring classroom. Laura Candler at Corkboard Connections has some fantastic ideas and has even created a linky party for others to share.

So, I thought I would share an activity I have often done to help foster a classroom community. I have even done this activity as a long-term sub. I call it the We All Fit Together Puzzle Classbuilding Activity. Each student decorates and cuts out a puzzle piece. I always tell them to make sure they include their name and something about them. Then I mount all the puzzle pieces together on a poster board with the title "We All Fit Together." Students love seeing how the pieces fit together and how the other students have decorated their pieces.


  1. LOVE this, Rachel! I could totally see using this with our staff and making a faculty bulletin board!

    The Corner On Character

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  3. Thanks for sharing this! This will be especially perfect for my special needs students. I may do this for open house! I actually saw a "We all fit together" poster from trend that I was going to order and never did.

    The Bender Bunch


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