Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Teacher Week: Technology Tip Tuesday

Happy continuing Teacher Week from Blog Hoppin'! Today is Technology Tip Tuesday, which is a little tricky for subs. Sadly, many subs don't have access to the computer or other of the latest  technology. I don't unless I am in a long-term position. So, I will leave the computer tips to other Blog Hoppin' bloggers. And today I will give you a couple of simple tips using the old school technology of the overhead projector and the CD player.

My first tip is for the overhead projector. I am guessing if there is one in the room, a sub probably has access to it. I personally am not a huge fan of the overhead projector, but I have learned a few things that make it more useful. First, DO NOT turn off all the lights. You are asking for trouble. I turn off one set of lights at the front of the room if possible to make the screen more visible, but keep enough light in the room. Second, get the students involved. They have to have something to do, whether it's completing some work as a whole class, solving problems on white boards or in journals, or taking notes. My favorite thing to do using the overhead is to not just give the students something to do, but to get them involved. If I am doing math problem solving, I put the problem on the overhead, and give the students some time to do the first step in their math journal. As students finish, I give them a sheet for the overhead and an Expo pen and have them copy their solution on that. Then I give students a chance to come up to the overhead and share their solutions. It's amazing how much they love writing and sharing on that overhead! It definitely helps keep them engaged!

My second tip is for a CD player. Again, if there's one in the room, the sub probably has access to it. Anyway, I am a believer in the power of music setting the mood. I like to have a CD with various songs on it. Then I can pop the CD in a play appropriate music to set the mood as I want. It's truly spectacular how much more calm and focused students are if you play some classical music. I use it during writing time especially. Transition times are a great opportunity for music. And, of course, to use a few songs here and there for a brain break. Giving students an opportunity to get out of their seats and move a little does wonders for the wiggles and lack of focus.

To see other technology tips or link up one yourself, visit Blog Hoppin'.


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