Saturday, December 3, 2011

Entice Reluctant Readers with Weird Facts

I highly recommend the National Geographic Kids Weird But True series for reluctant readers. I bought my son this book, and he has not put it down since he received it. Now, he is not a reluctant reader, but his interest, the content of the book, and some posts I have seen recently on other blogs got me thinking... this could be great for reluctant readers.

Now, I should tell you my reading philosophy, and it is simple. ANY READING IS GOOD READING. I know many teachers get hung up on: is it the right book, is it a "good" book, is it the right level book. But, especially with reluctant readers, I am thrilled if I see them reading anything. I am not saying this book is excellent quality literature... I am just saying it is filled with interesting little tidbits that kids want to know. And, if you get kids reading something, then you can start to recommend related books, steering them toward the more acceptable books.

Weird But True is a great series to show kids that: 1) reading can be fun, 2) reading can be interesting, and 3) reading can teach you things (even if they are weird).

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