Thursday, December 1, 2011

Monster Multiplication Wheels on Amazon

This is one of my favorite ways for students to practice their multiplication facts. You can find the book Monster Multiplication Wheels on A third grade classroom I was in last year had a laminated class set in a math center. And this year, the third grade classroom I was in also had a class set.

I wanted students to be able to have their own to use for practice at home. However, to copy every wheel for every student would kill too many trees for my taste. So I shrunk them down on the copier so two entire wheels (four circles) fit on one page. I copied them this way for my students, including the instruction page and the multiplication chart also included in the book. Students were able to personalize their monsters. I provided each student with a baggie with brads. As the students got each wheel colored, cut out, and put together, they were able to use the same baggies to store their set of monster wheels. Then... voila! A personal set of Monster Multiplication Wheels in a handy dandy storage baggie!

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