Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Make Your Own Melted Snowman Ornament

Here's a fun and easy Christmas craft you can do with your students as a gift for parents... a craft in the classroom... or just something fun to make with your own children. It's a melted snowman ornament made out of glue and small trinkets. I saw the idea on Pinterest and decided to try one myself. I think it worked pretty well. Here's what I did:

1. Squirt a large puddle of Elmer's glue on a piece of wax paper. Make sure it is sitting on a surface where you can leave it for a while since it will take a couple of days to dry.

2. Add in eyes, "carrot" nose, and mouth. I used small black buttons for the eyes and mouth and a piece of orange pipecleaner for the nose. You could also use beads, pom poms, or anything else small.

3. If you choose, you can loop a piece of string, yarn, or ribbon and anchor the ends into the glue puddle. I did not do this step and simple "drilled" a hole with a pair of scissors after the glue was dried.

4. Be patient and wait for the glue to dry. Depending on how large a glue puddle you made, it could take up to 2 days for it to be dry.

5. When it's dry, peel the wax paper off the back and hang on your tree.


  1. Awesome new idea! Very cute, thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. Thanks so much for linking up to my birthday hop!!!! This idea turned out really cute and I'm sure others will enjoy having fun -- making a cute keepsake.

    Thanks again,
    Debbie Clement

  3. Great idea! I recently used clear liquid glue and had to leave some of it in a plate due to a fire drill. I didn't get to clean up the plate until later and what was left was what looked like a solid melted ice cube. I like your white snowman and I bet you could do this with the clear glue too. It would look cool up against Christmas lights. I think my kinders would love this project...thanks for the post!
    seabears kindergarten


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