Friday, December 2, 2011

First Grade Just Add Paper Plans Now Available

Just completed and posted on my Teachers Pay Teachers store is the first grade version of Just Add Paper. Like the kindergarten ones posted yesterday, these first grade plans have reading, language arts, math, science, and social studies lessons and use only basic materials plus paper.

This set of plans covers sequencing, adjectives, addition story problems, life cycles, and inventions. They encourage making connections and the higher order thinking skill of creating.

For a free sample that includes the reading lesson, click here.

If you download the plans, please take the time to give me a rating. You can also rate the other free lesson plans. Enjoy and never worry again if you are unable to write sub plans or find yourself in a classroom with no plans!


  1. These are wonderful! Do you happen to have second grade emergency plans...? :)

  2. Yes, Sandy. Click on the tab above that says "Emergency Lesson Plans" and there is a 2nd grade set there. The 2nd grade set of "Just Add Paper" plans will be posted tomorrow. Thanks for asking!

  3. Thank you SO very much! I am very sick and will be out for my 3rd day this week! I don't have the energy to write plans!


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