Sunday, December 4, 2011

Snowmen at Christmas Writing Freebie

I am so excited about hitting 1,000 Facebook fans and the giveaway, but I am a little sad that only one of my fabulous fans can win the 1,000 prize. So I thought I'd create a little freebie for you all. That way everyone gets a prize.

One of my favorite read-alouds during this time of year is Snowmen at Christmas by Caralyn Buehner. I have a created writing activity to go along with the book. It would be great for any teacher to do, but also a good one for subs to keep handy in case they have some time that needs to be filled in a meaningful way.

The Snowman Writing Activity I created follows directly out of the story where a child builds a snowman and wonders what it does to celebrate Christmas. The writing activity asks students to imagine what their snowman would do to celebrate. I deliberately left the word "celebrate" open, even though the story focuses on Christmas. Students of differing beliefs can imagine what their snowman would to do celebrate any winter holiday. I also left the head blank and some space above so students can personalize the look of their snowman, adding a hat of their choosing and other features.

So get busy downloading and let me know what your snowman does to celebrate the holidays.

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